Twisted Scriptures Part 4
September 29, 2019

Twisted Scriptures Part 4

Passage: John 14:12-14
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This is the summary of the sermon that Pastor Randy shared Sunday, September 29, 2019. It's part 4 in a new series called ‘Twisted Scriptures’. This particular message is titled, “Will the Lord Do Whatever We ask Him in Prayer?”. The key portion of scripture was John 14:12-14. Other key verses were: Matthew 6:5-8; 2 Timothy 2:15; Hebrews 10:19-23; John 5:30; Psalm 37:4; Luke 11:9-13

In brief: As redeemed children of God – as transformed sinners, now sitting in heavenly places in Christ and the recipients of the treasures of glory, there is a fleshly tendency to believe that we can magically get whatever we want because of the power of Christ within us and because of our justified standing in the Lord’s eternal grace.

There is a delicate balance between being a blessed child of God and being a carnal Christian who leans in the direction of selfishness when it comes to our needs, wants, and desires. In these three verses from the fourteenth chapter of John we find three misinterpretations that often lead to the believer spending more time in the flesh than in the Spirit. 

1. Jesus said that we would be able to what He did and greater things? Does that mean that we can raise easily and regularly the dead and make millions of dollars pour out of a fish? The greater things is not a matter of power but of influence and the extend of the work of Christ in salvation. As a man, Jesus could only minister to those in His immediate proximity; but with the Holy Spirit within us, we – and millions of other Christians around the world – can share to far more people and produce (by God’s grace and Spirit) far more fruit.

2. The second misconception is in regards to the use of the phrase ‘in the name of Jesus’. Some have seen this as a mantra or password, or magical incantation that brings forth the many blessings of God. “In Christ’s Name” teaches us a couple of important principles. First, in one sense it IS a password, but only as a reminder to US that we can go to the Father with anything on our heart because we are IN CHRIST. So, we aren’t going to the Father because of who WE are, but rather because we are in the Name of Jesus we come to the Father. It also humbles us because we are reminded, again, that it’s not about US but about Jesus.  And thirdly, when we ask anything of the Father ‘in the Name of Jesus’ we are to be praying in a manner that is consistent with who Christ is, what He taught, and all that He stands for – in other words, His Kingdom purposes. It’s praying in accordance with God’s will for God’s glory.

3. The last misinterpretation concerns what is said in verses thirteen and fourteen about the Lord doing anything or whatever we ask of Him. If we are maturing in our faith; if we are learning what it means to be in God’s will, to desire God’s will, to take our minds off of our own mostly selfish will and focus on what the Lord is doing and desiring, then when we pray and ask the Lord to help us, direct us, guide us, provide for us, then our desires will not be selfish nor aimed at pleasing ourselves. We are reminded in Psalm 37:4 the if we “Delight ourselves in the Lord and He will then give us the desires of our hearts”. But the key is that we are delighting in the Lord. As we draw close to Him through His Word, His Spirit, obedience, and faith, then we will be able to better discern what God’s will is for our lives, which will become our will and our desires.