Part 17 – The Lord’s Answer to Job – Look to the Ostrich
April 2, 2017

Part 17 – The Lord’s Answer to Job – Look to the Ostrich

Passage: Job 38-40

Finally, after thirty-seven chapters, and a lot of jabbering between Job and his four friends, the Lord God shows up to speak to Job (and the friends).  Interestingly, the Lord doesn’t really answer any of Job’s questions as to why he is suffering so much for a ‘little’ bit of sin, but rather the Lord asks Job over seventy unanswerable questions.  These questions are directed to Job as a way of reminding him that he lacks the power and wisdom to accomplish any of these miraculous feats, so how could Job possibly understand the meaning behind the Lord’s purposes.

The questions range from the creation of the sun, moon, and stars of the universe; the creation of the earth; and the creation of animal life.  In particular, the Lord focuses on one of His most unusual creations – that being the ostrich.  The ostrich flaps his wings furiously, but cannot fly.  The ostrich doesn’t care well for their offspring, and even lays their eggs precariously in a swallow hole in the sand, which makes them easy targets to get stepped upon.  The bottom line is that the Lord Himself says that He didn’t give the ostrich much wisdom or common sense.  BUT he can run very, very fast (fastest animal – up to 60mph – on two legs).

The point is that although man can accomplish some great things (ostrich can run fast – man has some knowledge to do great things); mankind ultimately, and especially without the wisdom and mind of Christ that comes to the human at conversion, mankind is not wise or knowledgeable enough to understand the mysterious transcendent purposes of the Lord God.  And because of this, man needs to finally come to grips with the fact that there are some things – a lot of things – of the Lord – that we cannot comprehend and must trust the Lord with.  In that regard, we were reminded, once again, that the Lord God is:

1.  Completely sovereign – He rules ALL of creation

2.  Infinite in wisdom – He ALWAYS chooses the best goals and the best means to those goals.  So, what seems odd or wrong to us, is beyond our understanding, thus we are to trust that in God’s wisdom, He knows what is best.

3.  Perfect in love – God loves His elect, so no matter what we are going through, He will be with us and make sure that we will preserver and get through shining as gold.

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