The Lamb Who Is King – Easter Sunday
April 1, 2018

The Lamb Who Is King – Easter Sunday

We have all seen or experienced or witnessed spectacular things  that caused us to be spellbound, or filled with feelings that we can’t even find the words for – a baby being born; the beautiful sunset; the side of a glacier calving; flying through thick clouds and suddenly bursting into the wild blue yonder; watching Neil Armstrong stepping on the moon; or seeing a bride enter a church – these and many more are moments that are beyond description.

While the apostle John was exiled on the Isle of Patmos, he had a divine vision and message from the Lord, and in that vision, he saw the glorified Christ.  This vision was so beyond John’s comprehension and earthly ability to “take it all in” that he fell to the ground as a dead man.  Other great men of the Bible – Moses, Isaiah, Habakkuk, and Paul – also had experiences viewing the glorified Christ and each of them had a serious physical, emotional, and spiritual shake up because of this vision.

But we are told in the scripture time and time again that WE as Christians will behold the glorified Christ.  How can this be?  The difference between them and us is that we have the Spirit of Christ within us, and at the moment we see the glorified Christ we will ourselves be glorified.

We all talk about how wonderful it will be to get to Heaven so we can see our loved ones; be free from pain; and we get to move into our ‘mansions’, but the scripture is very clear time and time again that the ‘greatest’ sight for all of us – the True PRIZE that will be awaiting us – is none of those blessings, but rather it will be the indescribable vision of seeing Jesus Christ, our God and King, our Lord and Savior, our Warrior Sovereign, in all of His resplendent glory!!

Why did the Lord show Himself in this glorified state to John at the start of this Letter to the Seven Churches of Asia Minor? He did so because the churches were struggling with persecution, and they needed to be encouraged.  And there was no better image to remind the Christians of to get them through the tough times of persecution than the image of their very real, very big, very powerful Warrior King Jesus!  No matter what would happen to them – and many WOULD die for their faith and be imprisoned – but no matter what might happen – the Lord was their Victor and they would be blessed eternally for standing firm to the end, whatever that end might be in the natural.  And that is the encouragement for all Christians today.  Not only for us to get our eyes off of all of the very real and true heavenly blessings that await us, but for us to get our eyes on the REAL reason we are going to glory – to see the glorious King Jesus.  And this message is also to encourage all Christians now and forever more to stand firm in their adversities, because they ARE victorious through the death, burial and resurrection of the Great King and Warrior Savior – Jesus Christ!

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