Part 1 – The Glory of God
October 2, 2016

Part 1 – The Glory of God

Passage: Ezekiel 1
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This past Sunday we considered Ezekiel's vision of the Lord. The main idea was to behold God as he is. But due to our sin we often exchange the big God of the Bible with a smaller God made in our image.If we begin to see God as he has revealed himself in scripture we will never end up saying "I need a bigger God."

What we saw in Ezekiel's vision was a number of symbolic things pointing two characteristics of our God.

The four living creatures - these creatures having the face of a hawk, eagle, lion, and human represent the highest and mightiest in all creation. Yet they all assemble to worship God.  Likewise the repetition of the number 4 pointed to the idea of these creatures moving at light speed to the four corners of the earth, symbolizing God's ability to move throughout all creation without delay or distress.

The wheels - although the wheels depiction is unclear, we can see that the creatures are moving up on the wheels, and they are divine, awesome, and awe inspiring.  Likewise vs. 19 points out that they have eyes all around, symbolizing that God sees everything.

What we saw in Ezekiel's vision was divine heavenly creatures pulling a divine chariot, on which there was a throne, and upon that throne was a King. This King was no other than the God of the Bible, YAHWEH. And as Ezekiel saw the One seated on the throne he fell on his face In disabling wonder and worship, because all of the other pictures that Ezekiel saw paled in comparison to the One who sat on the throne.

A few takeaways that we talked about were:

1. God moved towards his people in exile on his divine chariot, God also moves towards sinners in exile in order to redeem them

2. God is everywhere. His presence is throughout creation and he is never far away from his people. For believers this is a comfort, and for unbelievers this is terrifying.

3. God sees everything. God sees all of the injustice, brokenness, and sin around the world, and will not turn a blind eye to it, but will one day come again on his throne in order to judge the nations.

The last thing we considered was the final piece to the vision in which God spoke. This means that God is a relational God. But most of all we know everything he wanted to say came to us in the person and work of Jesus. Jesus Is the image of the invisible God and the fullness of God was pleased to dwell in him. Like God moving towards his people in exile, Jesus moved towards us and our sin in order to redeem us on the cross, and we are called to behold that marvelous and miraculous work on our behalf each and every day.

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