Still Sovereign
November 12, 2017

Still Sovereign

We live in a sad and violent time in America, and around the world, but especially here in America. Innocent people have been gunned down at outdoor concerts, an Amish schoolhouse, shopping malls, and now even within the sacred doors of a church. People have many questions regarding the presence of God, and the power and purpose of prayer during times like this, and an overwhelming sense of fear can permeate all that we do or don’t do after tragic events such as what happened in Texas.


What can the Christian do to face the normal and understandable fears that living in a dangerous world produce. There is a threefold key:


  1. Have a saving faith in Jesus Christ
  2. Remember how faithful the Lord has been in the past
  3. Learn and put into practice what God’s Word says about His character and our life in Christ.


The Christian can rest in confidence in the world we live in when he or she remembers these three Truths about the Nature and Character of the Lord God:


  1. He is completely sovereign – He is in charge of all things. Nothing takes Him by surprise, so even the horrific sins of people are not outside of the Lord’s sovereign will and control. As crazy as the sins of men are, God is bigger and able to get us through the trials.
  2. He is infinite in His wisdom – we don’t understand why things happen because we are finite and sinful, but the Lord God’s wisdom is perfect, righteous, and beyond our understanding. God’s wisdom can be defined as: The Lord God always chooses the best goals and the best means to those goals. So, whatever the Lord sovereignly chooses to do, it is always the wisest way and goal, even if we don’t see it right away.
  3. He is perfect in His love – the Lord God loves us beyond our comprehension. He died for us, what more could He do to prove His love for us. Since He loves us so much, then whatever happens to us will ultimately turn into God’s glory and our good.


And the final answer of all answers is that the Lord God defeated death, sin, and the devil at the cross. The cross always wins. The cross already won. And it is important for you and I to ask ourselves: Are we clinging to the cross of Christ?

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