Promise, People, and Providence
November 27, 2016

Promise, People, and Providence

Passage: Matthew 1:1-17
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Genealogies were very important to the Jewish people.  It was through an accurate understanding of one’s roots that a person would be able to qualify for land, the priesthood, and most importantly, to determine if one was the true Messiah!

With Matthew’s genealogy of Jesus, the Holy Spirit had Matthew divide up the list into three sections of fourteen generations each.  The first fourteen were the Patriarchs, which points to the foundational aspects of the Judeo-Christian faith.  The next fourteen were all kings – some good and some bad, which points to the royal aspects of the King of kings, Jesus Christ.  And the last fourteen were common folks – all related to David, but since Israel no longer had kings during and after the captivity, none of these relatives reached the throne.  This group simply points to the simple human aspect of Jesus the Messiah.

When looking at the genealogy as presented by Matthew we see how God’s plan in bringing about a Savior and Sovereign King was perfect in every way.  And we see that plan manifest with three “P’s”.  The first was Promise: the Lord promised a Savior – a Deliverer – a Messiah – through His children and He perfectly fulfilled every promise to do so.  And the Lord will keep His promises to us.

Secondly, we saw that the Lord used People.  Ordinary people, patriarchs, and kings – all were sinners – some were faithful – some were notoriously bad – some came from outside Israel – but all were called of the Lord to fulfill His purposes and plan.  And today the Lord still uses ordinary people like you and I to fulfill His grand purposes.

And the third “P” was Providence: The Lord orchestrated every birth, every relationship, every marriage, every consequence that finally culminated in the arrival of Jesus Christ to Mary and Joseph, right on time.  The Lord is ordering the footsteps of His children, so we can trust that He will guide us in the ways we should go.

God’s people are always driven by the hope – confident expectation – that the Lord will follow through with everything He has purposed and promised.  He did it with the arrival of His Son Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, and He will continue to do so with His children today.

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