Part 9 – Oy Vey Ist Mir – Job’s Lament
January 22, 2017

Part 9 – Oy Vey Ist Mir – Job’s Lament

Passage: Job 3:1-26

After seven days and nights of sitting in silence with his three friends Job finally speaks up; and in his despondent soliloquy he doesn’t curse the Lord for his troubles, but he does:

1. Curse the day he was born
2.  Wish that he died at birth or was stillborn
3.  Wish that he would die now

Job is thinking and speaking this way because in his misery he feels that never being born or dying now would be better than living in his horrific physical pain, as well as the emotional grief he is currently dealing with.

We have all felt in a similar way at times because of our troubles, pain, or losses, and in this third chapter we can learn these lessons:

1.  Although death for the believer will be a release of all earthly pain and the delight of the peaceful presence of our eternal Lord, while we have life we should do what we can within reason to live out our life for the Lord and His sake and glory.

2.  As humans we are going to react in a variety of ways to the tragic pains of life, and unless we flat out sin because of our suffering, the Lord understands our pain and will stay with us.

3.  Even if we DO sin while in our pain, the Lord is gracious and merciful to forgive and restore us.

4.  In times of pain we have an opportunity to reflect, self-exam, introspect our hearts and minds to see what the Lord would have to say to us, or to determine what the Lord would want to teach us about His character; His ways; His will; ourselves; and who we are in Christ.

5.  But in that introspection we must be careful that we don’t (as Job did!) turn that inward thinking into the negative and begin to ruminate to the point of “stinkin’ thinkin’”, which will only discourage us and cause us to become self-destructive emotionally, physically, or spiritually.

6.  No matter what our pain and trial, we must all learn what it means to keep our hope in the Lord God.  The future belongs to those who project hope, so we need to project hope to those who seem to be without hope, and hide the Lord’s Word in our heart so that we will continue to be nurtured by the hope that we have in Christ.

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