Part 7 – The Perfectly Righteous Wrath of God
July 9, 2017

Part 7 – The Perfectly Righteous Wrath of God

We will never understand and deeply appreciate the grace and mercy of God until we understand and see that we have greatly offended the Lord God by our sinfulness and are all under the deserved wrath of our holy, righteous and just Lord God Almighty. But the church generally ignores these attributes of God’s character (wrath, justice, holiness and righteousness) because they appear (to the carnal mind) as being ‘negative’ and unappealing. And of course, to the sinful heart, and the carnal thinking Christian these traits of the Lord God ARE unappealing because, in the flesh (for the Christian) and in our sinful nature (if we are not saved) the idea that we will be held accountable for every sin is quite frightening! But the good news is: Through Christ’s sacrifice the wrath of God has been appeased and we (believers) are no longer under His wrath, but now – if and when we sin – we will be lovingly disciplined. Back to Romans 1:18….


We learn five things about God’s wrath in this one verse:


  1. It is divine – it is GOD’S wrath. By this I mean that we cannot compare God’s anger over sin with our human anger because God’s wrath is always perfect – ours is full of sin.


  1. The timing (scheduling) of God’s wrath is ongoing. Yes, there will be a day of final wrath for the enemies of the Lord, but the Lord’s wrath towards sin is ‘being revealed’ continuously. And if we don't seem to ‘see it’, God is patient, and is working against sin in ways that we know not of.


  1. The scope of God’s wrath is universal, in that all the godless and wicked people in the world will be judged and found guilty. No amount of good deeds and other works will be viewed in a positive light if it is done apart from the Spirit of Christ within the person.


  1. Related to point three is that of the impartiality of God’s wrath. This means that God’s wrath isn’t poured out indiscriminately or capriciously, but the Lord’s wrath is reserved for and justly directed at sin. Godlessness refers to a faulty relationship with the Lord. Fallen mankind is a natural enemy of the Lord God, and they deliberately and willingly choose to oppose and hate the Lord. Wickedness is similar but specifically refers to fallen man’s desire to totally disrespect God’s law, and the heart towards deliberately breaking God’s law. We see this today with the total lack of care when it comes to moral living. What was bad is now seen as good. What was good is now seen as bad.


  1. The cause of God’s wrath is that man has deliberately spiritually suppressed or buried the truth of God’s holy character by turning a deaf ear, closing a blind eye, and hardening their heart continuously towards anything of the Lord. Much more will be said about this ‘suppressing of the truth’ in upcoming messages.

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