Part 5 – Best Insurance For Assurance
May 20, 2018

Part 5 – Best Insurance For Assurance

Passage: Romans 5:9-11

When one thinks about this fifth chapter of Romans, as well as the Book of Romans as a whole; as well as the entire Bible, one is struck with one of the predominate themes in the Word of God, which is the issue of assurance.  Can we have the full assurance that the Lord God will save us completely, and also that He will keep all of His promises to His children that He makes in His Word?

Having ‘proved’ or declared throughout the first four chapters of Romans that all humans are lost, spiritually dead, and in deliberate rebellion against the Triune God, and that it is only by God’s grace through faith in Christ’s sacrifice that any of us are made righteous in God’s sight, Paul uses the first half of this fifth chapter to show us the benefits or fruits of our justification so we won’t have any room in our legalistic hearts to doubt the permanence of God’s saving grace.

In these verses (Romans 5:9-11) Paul uses the literary technique known as “a fortiori” – greater to lesser – to prove his point concerning the assurance that the great work the Lord did previously guarantees the completion of any ‘lesser’ work He has promised.

Since we were justified by faith (the blood) in/of Jesus Christ, then how much more can we rest in the Lord’s ability to save us from His wrath? Since Christ took upon himself on the cross the wrath of God that was due us, then it is only logical to trust that the Lord will keep us from the wrath that the ungodly will receive on the Last Day.
Similarly, since the Lord reconciled us – mended the relationship between us and Him – through His sacrifice while/when we were His enemies, then it is only logical that the Lord will save us through this life (sustain, glorify us) now that we are His friends and children.  In other words, if the Lord saved us when we were His enemies, then now that we are His friends/children He will DEFINITELY take care of us.

Again, all of this is to reinforce the truth that we can be assured of God’s saving grace in our lives.  The good work of salvation that He started in us, He will faithfully complete. We can rest in a faithful God.

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