Part 4 – The Lord’s Victorious Comparative Advertising War
November 25, 2018

Part 4 – The Lord’s Victorious Comparative Advertising War

Passage: Romans 8:5-8

A common ploy used by advertisers to sell their product is to negatively compare their product with similar or inferior products. To make themselves or their product look good, they will prove how bad the competition is. The Bible doesn’t need to downplay the competitor (the devil, the sinful nature, the world system, sin), but Paul does remind the believers in Rome – for the sake of assuring them of their security and eternal safety in Christ – of the big difference between a life in Christ, and a life in the flesh or in the sinful nature.

The differences are obvious, but believer and unbeliever need to be reminded of the changes that have come or can come to one in darkness but now or soon in the light.

The life lived in a state of unbelief – in an unconverted life dependent on the sinful nature, the devil and the world, is a life in which the sinner’s mindset is fixed upon selfishness. Whereas a life in the Spirit, the believer’s mindset is established upon the embedded love of Christ.

The mind that is ruled by the flesh, a.k.a. the sinful nature – is flat out death, and thus is spiritually unproductive. But the mind that is ruled by the Spirit is a life of....well, LIFE – true Life – the Life of Christ – eternal life, as well as a life of peace – no longer at war or at odds with the Triune God.

The mind ruled by the flesh or sinful nature does not just disregard the Lord – it is hostile or at war with the Lord God. The sinner arrogantly rejects God’s Law, and because of the spiritual state of death that the sinner ‘lives’ in, they are incapable of following God’s law.

Since the unbeliever wants nothing to do with the Lord God, then they cannot please the Lord, but the Good News for the believer is that since we have been transformed by the Spirit of grace, we are not only loved by the Lord, but He is well pleased with us. And for that we as believers can rejoice and rest eternally in the sweet and comforting bosom of our Lord.

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