Part 4 – Nine “P’s” in a Roman Pod
June 18, 2017

Part 4 – Nine “P’s” in a Roman Pod

Passage: Romans 1:3-7

In these opening verses of Romans Paul very clearly paints a beautiful picture of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that has come from the Lord God through His grace and mercy, and in these first seven verses we can grasp Paul’s points regarding the Gospel through the use of nine words beginning with the letter P.


  1. It was promised beforehand – the Lord God promised that He would save His people and He did just that. The Triune God is a Promise Keeping God, and He will keep every promise He has made to us in His Word about the Gospel – we can rest in that truth.


  1. He spoke it through His prophets, who wrote it down for us, so we need to listen and believe what they have been told by the Lord. We need to always take sinners to the Word of God. Your testimony is certainly powerful, but it is the Word of God that is the WORD OF GOD!!


  1. The Gospel as spoken through the prophets was left for us on the pages of the Holy Scriptures that we need to respectfully and reverently read and obey.


  1. The Gospel is all about a Person – Jesus Christ – who was, is, and always will be completely man and completely God. Our Savior must be a human in order to truly represent us; and He must be divine/God in order to be perfect – a perfect/sinless representative.


  1. In power Jesus Christ proved that He was divine in that He was able to raise Himself up from the dead.


  1. Salvation is not just for the Jews, but for the Gentiles (a great multitude from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages – Revelation 7:9-10).


  1. There is an immediate purpose to the presentation of a saving Gospel message and that is obedience. If we have been transformed by the Gospel then obedience to the Lord will follow. We may still fall short, but our “want to” should want to do the right thing and obey the Lord.


  1. And there is an ultimate purpose to the presentation of a saving Gospel message and that is the glory of the Lord. In all things the Lord God is to be glorified, and as sinners are transformed by the Gospel, the Lord is glorified for His goodness, mercy, grace, and power.


  1. And the last benefit (in this sense) of the Gospel message is to we who have been saved: We receive the prize, or we profit from God’s gift of life. Through the saving Gospel we receive:
    • We are loved by God
    • We are called to be saints
    • We receive His saving, sustaining and glorifying grace
    • We are at peace with our Creator

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