Part 3 – The Gospel – Old, Yet Simple
June 11, 2017

Part 3 – The Gospel – Old, Yet Simple

The Book of Romans is all about the Gospel – all about Christ and Christ crucified – all about Jesus. In verse two and the beginning of verse three, Paul tells us four things to help us grasp the beauty of the Gospel message – salvation comes to sinners by God’s grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone so that God alone receives all the glory.


  1. It is a planned Gospel – it has always been the Lord’s intent to save His people through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. He had planned this before the foundations of the earth.


  1. It was promised beforehand – the Lord God promised that He would save His people and He did just that. The Triune God is a Promise Keeping God, and He will keep every promise He has made to us in His Word about the Gospel – we can rest in that truth.


  1. He spoke it through His prophets, who wrote it down for us, so we need to listen and believe what they have been told by the Lord. So we need to always take sinners to the Word of God. Your testimony is certainly powerful, but it is the Word of God that is the WORD OF GOD!!


  1. And lastly, the Gospel ‘concerns the Son’. The Good News is all about Jesus Christ and His death and resurrection. It is Jesus plus NOTHING. We cannot add anything to the grace of God in regards to our salvation. Jesus paid it all and it’s all for His glory. You can’t go wrong talking about Jesus.

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