Part 3 – The Fruit of Service and Leadership
August 12, 2018

Part 3 – The Fruit of Service and Leadership

We have already gone through these particular three verses from Romans 7, but I wanted to go through them again because of the particular connection between the ‘fruit’ that comes from a transformed life in Christ and how that fruit can be seen in the gifts, talents, and abilities the Lord gives His children for works of service.  And there was also a particular emphasis at the end of the message on the church ‘office’ of deacon.

God’s Word is resplendent with references regarding how the Lord is the One who ‘gifts’ His creatures with special skills and talents. Certainly, an individual has to work, and does work, very hard to perfect their skills, but ultimately it is the Lord who provides the original desire and ability and grace to fulfill that calling.  But the Lord doesn’t enable one of His children to perform accordingly only to have them do so for their own amusement or benefit, although millions of people do (don’t give credit or glory to the Lord).

The Lord has graciously distributed a wide variety of spiritual gifts to His children for: the advance of the Kingdom of God on Earth; for the edification and unity of His Church; so that we could mature in Christ; and so that the Lord God can be glorified.

This is why it is essential for God’s children to determine – through God’s Word, prayer, and good teaching, to be able to discern the giftings bestowed upon them by the Lord since it is the “aware and practicing” child of God who walks in the Spirit and the peace of knowing who they are in Christ and what direction the Lord may have in store for them.

Related to the spiritual gifts the Lord gives His children, He also calls some to the position of church offices for the sake of serving and leading the sheep in a local church.

The New Testament speaks of two offices: Elders, who take care of the spiritual needs of the church, specifically preaching, prayer, and counsel of the congregation; and deacons, who are called to look after the more practical concerns of the church body.

The elders of Grace Christian Fellowship are: Pastor Randy Evans, Pastor Lucas Hillman, Nate Freeman, Jason Toombs, and Steve Lee.

The deacons of the church (some of who are new and the development of their ministries are newer as well) are:

Becky Evans: Oversees the care of the church building and church planning; she oversees the day to day operation of the church and women’s ministries

Alan Graff works with the Senior Adult ministry, in particular the Pack-a-Snack ministry for the needy children at Mildred Helms Elementary School.

Alan Robson is the deacon over all of the technology of the church, which includes audio and visuals in the sanctuary, youth rooms, and our computer systems.

There are five deacons that oversee the legal aspects of the church corporation and they are referred to as ‘deacons of the board’, and they are:

Chris Johnson, who is also the Church Treasurer
Tom Hooten
Al Ruchel
Jeff Smith
And Susie Jinks, who has just been added to the deacons of the board.

Other newer deacons and their responsibilities:
Alf Young – deacon over the ushers and church security
Jimmy Ayotte – deacon over the church’s prayer ministry
Peter and Laura Jensen – deacons over hospitalized and homebound ministry
Donna Sicilian – deacon over youth/school and social services

There are other individuals and ministries that are still in development and the church will be notified as soon as these positions are filled and finalized.

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