Part 2 – What David Discovered
March 11, 2018

Part 2 – What David Discovered

Passage: Romans 4:6-8

Paul anticipates the question that the Jewish believers in the Church at Rome would naturally bring up considering what Paul has been sharing on the inability of people being justified by following the works of the Law.  Last week we saw how he brought Abraham – the Father of the Jews – into the picture as a witness.  Paul wants them to understand that Abraham was justified – made right before the Lord – declared righteous, NOT because of things that he did or how well he followed the dictates of the Lord God (works of the Law), but rather that he was justified by faith – by believing or trusting in what the Lord God had asked of him.

But Paul, being a good attorney, knew that two or three ‘witnesses’ were needed to convince a ‘jury’, so Paul brings in King David. As a side note, in Romans 1:17 Paul also brings in Habakkuk when the Lord spoke through him and said, “The just/righteous will live by faith”, so now we have three witnesses, and three that cover the Hebrew Bible: The Law; the Writings (David and the Psalms); and the Prophets.

Now to David: Paul brings David up because he not only was the great king of Israel, but the Jews would all remember that David fell greatly into sin, yet was forgiven and blessed of the Lord.  The quotes that Paul uses from David are taken from David’s Psalm of repentance – Psalm 31 – and here we read how the Lord forgave David and it wasn’t because of anything that David ‘did’ in order to be forgiven.  Oh yes, he did repent, but even our repentance is a gift from the Lord God.  The point being that David didn’t have to repent AND do something in order to be justified or to have the Lord’s righteousness credited unto him.  David had faith to confess and repent, and thus had the faith to know that he was ‘blessed’ of the Lord despite his sin and lack of ‘works’.  Again, Paul shares David’s story as a second ‘witness’ to the truth that the Lord God has ALWAYS brought His children to Himself through faith, and not through works of the law.

Are you still trusting in the works of the Law or are you trusting that the Lord has forgiven you and that it is your simple faith/belie

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