November 11, 2018

Part 2 – The Treasure Chest of God’s Answers

Passage: Romans 8

This is the summary of the sermon that was shared this past Sunday, November 11 2018, and it was the second message that I have shared from the eight chapter of Romans. The title that we have given the series of messages from chapter eight is: “Life In the Spirit”, and this particular message was entitled, ‘The Treasure Chest of God’s Answers’.  Since we went through nearly the entire chapter, the key verses were most of Romans 8, along with Ephesians 2:6.

Often Bibles will have a section at the beginning or end of the text that presents a list of key verses that the reader can quickly turn to in time of need; whether it be “when you are anxious”, “when you need to make a decision”, “when you are confused”, etc.

The eighth chapter of Romans is so jammed packed with powerful individual verses that can benefit the believer, I decided to present a fly-over of most of the chapter in order to make known the true treasure chest of answers that the Lord has provided in this one amazing chapter. I will list them here for you:

1. When you feel guilt-ridden and unforgiveable – Romans 8:1

2. When you feel in bondage to the Law and good works – 8:2

3. When you feel you don’t have the strength to obey – 8:3

4. When you feel you’re stuck in the rut of “stinkin’ thinkin’? – 8:5

5. When you are having anxious thoughts – 8:6

6. When you wonder if you are pleasing to the Lord – 8:8

7. When your mind and body are deteriorating – 8:10-11

8. When your stuck and not growing in Christ – 8:12-13

9. When you feel like you’re just one in a million of believers – 8:14-17b

10. When you are suffering and persecuted – 8:17c-18

11. When you think the Earth is falling apart – 8:19-22

12. When you are conflicted about living here or going to Heaven – 


13. When you don’t know how to pray – 8:26-27

14. When bad things happen and you see no purpose – 8:28

15. When you wonder if, as a Christian, you will ‘make it’ – 8:29-30

And there was much more, but that was all the time that we had. This coming Sunday we will get back to a detailed look at Romans 8:3-6.

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