Part 2 – The Benefits of Access and Hope
April 29, 2018

Part 2 – The Benefits of Access and Hope

Having thoroughly and successfully answered any questions that the Jewish believers in the Church in Rome might have raised concerning their justification apart from the grace of God through Christ (heritage, circumcision, law), Paul now wants to express to all Christians the benefits or fruits or results that come to the believer because they are justified by faith. Besides being forgiven, placed in right standing, and having received eternal life, there are other ‘benefits’ or ‘fruits’ that accompany our justification by faith.  The previous message on Romans 5 we discussed the first ‘other fruit’, and that being we are now at peace with God. This particular message covered two other benefits:  we now have access to the Father; and we have the hope of glory.


Having direct access to the Lord God was a completely foreign subject to the Jews and Gentiles since (for the Jews) only the high priest could enter into the holy of holies (once a year), and the Gentiles just figured that they were too ‘unclean’ to EVER approach the Lord.  But because we have been justified by faith, Christ tore the thick veil that separated the people from the holiest place in two so that through Christ we could now have access to the Triune God. This is indeed a wonderful gift and privilege that every Christian should savor.


Secondly (or actually thirdly, but who’s counting?), we now have the hope of glory.  What this means is that we have the guarantee birthed within our hearts that we will absolutely positively see the Lord face to face – we will be glorified and will be able to see the glorified Christ and not be consumed by His holiness.  What a beautiful truth that should inspire us to walk closely with Christ and look confidently ahead because the Lord God is faithful to keep His promises.

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