Part 2 – Majesty
October 9, 2016

Part 2 – Majesty

Passage: Isaiah 40
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Here is the summary of the sermon that Pastor Lucas shared this past Sunday, October 9, 2016. It was part two in his three part series entitled "Behold". He will conclude the series this Sunday.

This past week we considered the Lord Gods character revealed in Isaiah 40. There were three main sections and three applications to this text that we covered.

1st main section - God calls us to consider creation

When we think of the created universe we think of its grandeur, it's majesty. Isaiah 40 reminds us that our God is intimately involved in all aspects of creation. He has measured, marked, weighed and balanced His creation. This speaks to our God's closeness, or immanent character.

2nd main section - God calls us to consider the nations

So often we, like Israel, are intimidated or fearful when we look at the nation's or even our own nation. But verse 15 calls us to behold the God of the nations. The Lord stands above all rulers, powers, councils, and authority. He alone rules all of creation and the nations are like a drop from a bucket. So we need not fear those in authority.

3rd main section - God calls us to consider the idols

We often like to equate God to something in creation. But Isaiah 40 asks us to whom will you liken God? If we compare Him to anything in creation and equate Him to that, we have constructed ourselves an idol. But idolatry also includes our heart being captured by the security and promise of prosperity by things in this world. This hard text called us to consider that God is the only one who will provide sure security and eternal prosperity.


3 applications:

1. Isaiah 40 corrects our view of God

By calling us to consider his power and presence, Isaiah guards our hearts and minds from believing God is too far away or just like us. Rather He is all-powerful and yet still involved.

2. Isaiah 40 corrects our view of ourselves

This text corrects our pessimism and cynicism when we believe that God cannot see or cannot act in our circumstances. We heard that it is offensive to the Lord for us to believe He does not care about His people on whom He has set His love.

3. Isaiah 40 rebukes our slowness to believe

Isaiah contrasts our willingness to believe false gods, and idols faster than we believe the One true God. May our hearts be quick to believe and obey the promises of our God Who is majestic and powerful and above all the creation.

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