Part 18 – What a Meeting With God Will Do To You
April 23, 2017

Part 18 – What a Meeting With God Will Do To You

Passage: Job 42:1-9

Job has now had his personal encounter with the Lord, and instead of Job presenting to the Lord a long list of complaints, once Job hears the Lord speak about His sovereignty, omnipotence, and wisdom in creating the universe, Job is not only silenced, but now earnestly repents.

In general, it is difficult for people to admit that they are wrong.  It is an affront to their egos and causes them anxiety since they falsely believe that admitting ones’ faults/sins will cause them to be looked at by others with disdain.  But the truth is, when we are honest with people about our faults, people generally will view this as a strength – a sign of integrity.  Instead we will deny, suppress, or blame others for our faults, which doesn’t help anyone.

On the other hand, when one has an encounter with the Lord God – as Job did – the Lord’s holiness, righteousness, love, mercy and grace have a comforting way of bringing a spirit of repentance to our hearts, mainly because His life-giving Spirit that now enters the repentant sinner reveals the love and mercy of God that freely forgives.

The main point or practical application of this message was to once again remind the Christian of the importance of drawing close to the Lord through His Word, prayer, fellowship, teaching, the Lord’s Supper, etc. and by doing so we come to know the Lord God in ever deepening ways.  And as one gets to know the massiveness, majesty, power, and grace of God in a deeper way, then repentance and maturity more readily become available.  Draw close to the Lord and He will draw close to you!

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