Never Say Never (Unless You’re the Lord)
January 1, 2017

Never Say Never (Unless You’re the Lord)

Passage: Luke 21:33
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Throughout our lives we will always face changes – some sudden – some good – some not so good.  In the year 2016 there were plenty of surprises with sports teams, politics, births, deaths, and world events, and surely we all faced personal changes – losses, gains, etc. this past year.  With all of the fluctuations that we face in life, it is understandable that some people would get anxious or discouraged.  Who can we count on?  Does anything or anyone NOT change – suddenly or gradually?

Yes, we looked at a number of scriptures that spoke to us about the permanence of the Lord, His promises and His Word, and I called these the “never promises”.  Specifically the constants that we examined were:

1. God’s Word – the heavens and earth will pass away, but God’s Word and the Words spoken by the Lord will never pass away.  His Word and Words will stand forever.

2.  God Himself will never change.  The Lord God is immutable – the same yesterday, today and forever.  The Lord who spoke the universe into existence is the same loving God who is working in our hearts this very moment.

3.  Those of us who have come to a saving faith in Christ by God’s grace and Spirit will never perish.  We have the written, spoken, and Spirit-confirming-in-our-heart guarantee that because of Christ Spirit that dwells within the believer we will absolutely, positively see Jesus face to face and will live for all of eternity with Him.

4.  Because we have come into a saving and eternal loving relationship with the Triune God through the transforming and repurposing power of Christ’s Spirit within us, the Lord God will never leave us, nor will He ever forsake or reject us.  Rejection/acceptance is an essential issue in the lives of all people.  We’ve all been rejected by loved ones, and I believe that this rejection is at the base of many of our interpersonal problems.  But we have the guarantee of God’s Word and His Spirit within us that He will NEVER reject us!  We are accepted in the Beloved!

5.  Finally, (and there are many, many more I could’ve listed), our Lord God has promised us that nothing will ever separate us from the love of God as it is found in Christ Jesus.  As the Lord’s beloved children, we will never hear the words, “I don’t love you” from the Lord!

Hopefully these five “never promises” have encouraged you and will be a source of great peace and assurance to you as we move into another shaky New Year!

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