Part 7 – Cutting Mrs. Job a Break
January 8, 2017

Part 7 – Cutting Mrs. Job a Break

Passage: Job 2:9-10
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Throughout history Job’s wife – Mrs. Job – has gotten a bad rap because of her apparent doubt, negativity, and ungodly faithlessness.  What most people forget is that even though she didn’t suffer the horrific physical disease that her husband did, she still lost her wealth, her servants, all of her children and grandchildren, and had to sit back and helplessly watch her husband suffer, as well as anticipate his impending death.  This would leave her poor, childless, ‘worthless’, and a widow….not a good place to be.

So, we can understand Mrs. Job’s apparent heartbreaking and impulsive reaction to all that has happened.  Viewing it another way, Job’s wife could also have suggested to Job to ‘curse God and die’ as a means to help alleviate both of their suffering.  She wasn’t asking Job to deny the Lord and rail against Him, but rather for him to do something that would hasten his death for everyone’s sake.

Mrs. Job has been called an unbeliever because of Job’s response to her, but it must be remembered that Job said that her comments made her sound like a foolish woman; not that she was a foolish woman (which would be an indication that she was an unbeliever since ‘fools’ most often spoke of unbelievers).

This is important because Paul told believers in the fourth chapter of Ephesians that because they/we have been spiritually transformed by God’s grace and Spirit that we did not need to, nor should we live or act as if we were still unbelievers.  He knew that we sometimes would, but we didn’t have to!  The lessons learned from these few verses concerning Mrs. Job were:

1. Grief can cause us to say or do things that we are not proud of.  We shouldn’t use this as an excuse, but in our desperation and sadness we might impulsively do or say things that we will regret later.

2.  The Lord is well acquainted with our grief and understands.  His mercies are new every morning.

3.  We don’t need to act like an unbeliever.  Whom the Son sets free is free indeed.  Freedom to walk free from sin comes from trusting the Lord Who lives within us, and by keeping in step with His Spirit (and hiding His Word in our heart).

4.  Despite our pain, our Lord God remains completely sovereign; infinite in His wisdom; and perfect in His love.

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