About The Heart
October 21, 2018

About The Heart

Passage: Proverbs 4:23

This message concerning the heart of a believer and the Lord’s call for all of His children to be generous – not only in the love, mercy, and grace that they shared with the world, but also in regards to their finances.


As we went through Romans 7, where we saw the emphasis that Paul put on the admonition to Christians to notlive according to the flesh, most Christians would fully agree that we need to listen to the Spirit and not the crybaby cravings or desires of the flesh. Interestingly, Christians agree with this biblical and spiritual issue until it comes to the issue of being generous with one’s finances. The flesh tends to tighten up – literally – when money and generosity is discussed because of either the fleshy qualities of greed or fear.


Either the flesh wants to cling as tight as it can to all possessions – and gather more – because it finds a sense of worth, value, prestige, affirmation, and security with possessions or wealth, for the flesh becomes fearful of generosity because they may become poor. Both issues are matters of the heart and need to be lovingly and biblically addressed.


Our God is a generous God. He gave us all of creation to enjoy. He gave us life. And most importantly, He gave us His Son Jesus Christ as the perfect sacrifice in order that we might be forgiven and then given a new life in Christ.


Since we are transformed and Spirit-filled believers/followers of Christ – since we have the Spirit of Christ within us – our life is HIS life – then since Jesus was/is/and always will be generous, then it is only now natural that we would be generous as well.


The Lord has called all of His children to examine their hearts in the area of giving – not just for the sake of the church – but for our own spiritual maturity, humility, and the God-ordained blessings that follow our spirit or attitude of generosity (and those blessings don’t always have to be more financial blessings – the Lord blesses His children in far greater ways as well).

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