A Scrappy Church Called Grace
January 13, 2019

A Scrappy Church Called Grace

Passage: Acts 2:42-47

A baseball team or an individual player who is often viewed as underrated, who hustles, and has a determine spirit or attitude (and scores by getting hits, bunting, stealing bases, executing the ‘hit and run’) is often referred to as scrappy. The Tampa Bay Rays won 90 games this season by NOT hitting a lot of home runs, but playing ‘scrappily’.

The Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees (among other BIG teams) have a lot of money, superstars, and attract a large fan base, and many of the large churches in our area could be viewed from this perspective (and we’re the Rays!). In baseball those teams are viewed as the ‘competition’, but in the Church of Jesus Christ they are NOT the competition, but rather a part of our family that has a different role than we have!

We are not to be comparing ourselves to other churches because there will always be larger and smaller churches, so if we compare we may become vain or bitter. Our responsibility is to pray for those churches, and be the best church that the Lord has called US to be. We may not have the numbers, the money, or the buildings as these ‘bigger teams’, but that’s not the issue: We are to be faithful right where we are and with what we have.

The Lord loves our church, and He will continue to bless our church as we seek to worship, honor, love, and serve Him and our community.

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